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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Many of the good bars in Seattle have been reconfigured into upscale places (think The Wagon Wheel, The Midget, The Classic, The Freamont Tavern or The Palms - sadly all gone now) but there are still a many good places to get a drink.

The Elysian Brewery (and Pub)
- 1221 East Pike, Seattle, WA 206 860 1920. Great award winning beers, good food, interesting crown, good staff. + we love the owners
Nine Pound Hammer - 6009 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA, 206.762.3373. Cool, dark bar for the Alt. Crowd. Several other good bars in this area. NPH is my favorite.
The Lava Lounge - 2226 2nd Ave Seattle. The interior is like the inside of a sailing ship - lots of good tiki bar stuff, and strong drinks.
The Alibi - on Post alley. Nice little bar with cool activities and a good beer selection (good Bloody Marys).

The Buckaroo - 4201 Fremont. After the Fremont Tavern closed this was the biker bar of choice, but it has tamed over the years. Still, it has a decent beer selection and lots of character (s) + some good bike viewing on most nights.
Brouwer's - 400 N 35th st. Owned by two beer fanatics (and nice guys) - thus an excellent beer line up. I hear the food is good there too (but who want to eat with so many beers to choose from).

Stumbling Monk - 1635 E. Olive Wy. Homey and comfortable (all be it a bit beat up) Pub. Very nice selection of beers. Great place to hangout.
The Latona - 6423 Latona Ave N.E. Nice comfortable pub wih a really good beer selection.
The Comet - 922 E. Pike. One of just a few Dive bars left on the Seattle menu. When I think of Seattle bars in the late 80's Grunge days - this is it. Stiff drinks and decent beers on tap. An all around favorite.
Hattie's Hat - 5231 Ballard Ave NW. This is a Ballard institution (and a cool place). A classic kind of diner/bar. Stiff drinks, decent food.


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