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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Recipe for Disaster

After doing the Brewingnetwork's radio show and having talked about Durian beer, a few people have asked for my Durian Beer recipe ....
(you can jump to minute 49 if you would just like to hear about the Durian beer)

- so here it tis: (makes about 40 liters)

Buy one “fresh” Durian
wait 48 hours (for maximum odiferousness)
During this time the aroma may bother others - ignore their complaints*
open said Durian ,
separate Durian inside from sharp pointy semi-lethal Durian husk
save husk for novelty conversation piece or possible Halloween costume head piece
separate Durian flesh from seed
save flesh
Suck all flesh from seed or till flavor diminishes
Save seed for vain attempt at growing Durian tree indoors
Puree Durian flesh with a small amount of whiskey (preferably Mekong whiskey – product of Thailand),
Add pureed Durian Flesh to beer (adjust volume of beer for intensity desired)
Carbonate beer
Enjoy Durian beer
Smile a lot
repel most friends, family and neighbors with noxious aromas of Durian + Beer burps

* if they don't understand your love for the king of fruits - they will never really understand you - so clearly it would never have worked out anyway- it is better to lose them as friends now and save everyone involved the time and grief. After all you will still have your Durian (and the glow from that fire will surely light your world)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Here are a few links for recent Anderson Valley Brewery things

Plus (special just for you)- a write up on our latest special beer in our "Bahl Hornin" beer series

Nettied Madge Black IPA*
OG (original gravity): 14.4 degrees Plato
TG (terminal gravity): 2.8 degrees Plato
ABV (alcohol by volume): 6.25%
IBU (Int. bitterness units): 50 IBUs
Color: 29 SRM (Black as sin)

Malts used: Pale, Carafa, Munich, Victory
Hops used: Simcoe, Amarillo, Chinook, Citra

Deep and dark as a starless night. This beer is dominated by a pronounced hop aroma of pine, and spruce, with subdued notes of fresh cut wood and special herbs. The flavor is characterized by a clean hop taste with a subtle dry roasted malt touch in the background.

Boontling version:

This steinber is nettied up with a heelch of bahl & bearky hops; a bit featherleggy and a little can-kicky too, it flavors may bow on your tastebuds, but it ain’t shaggish. Booker n come-on boy, with a missit of zeese and a glimmer of tigey tobes. Once you horn one you’ll boarch the taish out of it.

It’s the Huge Arker !

(*AKA: Cascadian Dark Ale)