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Monday, November 20, 2006

Portland Oregon

The Acropolis - 8325 SE McLoughlin Portland OR. They have 50 Beers on tap, good cheap eats (a really good steak), a salad bar, and three stages of full frontal nudity, and no cover before 5:00. Now that's entertainment.
Bar of the Gods - 4801 SE Hawthorne. Crazed hipster bar, great beers on draft (watch them set the bar top ablaze - literally)
Matador - 1967 W Burnside. Good all around dive bar. There are several other interesting bar in the area (check um out)
Produce Row - 204 SE Oak St. One of Portland's original beer bars, Good selection of draft, great sandwiches, nice outdoor seating. An all around comfortable place.
Beulahland - 118NE 28th. Great comfortable funky bar. Good beer selection, decent food + we like the owners.
Horse Brass - 4534 SE Belmont. Excellent English pub with a great beer selection. Scotch egg me baby. The owner Don is a Northwest bar ledgend (see man on R. in Pic above).
Hung Far Low - (up stairs). Chinese dive bar extraordinaire, stiff drinks and decent food. Open late night. Moved recently from historic Old Town to trashy 82nd Ave.
The Alibi Restaurant & Bar - 4024 Interstate Ave. - Tiki bar madness, great drinks
The Rialto - 529 SW 4th Ave. Good pool room/bar (with off track betting). Beer selection is pretty good (as almost anywhere in Portland), pool tables are well maintained, food is decent, stiff drinks and a cast of characters resides inside. I've been thrown out of there a couple of times (can't really remember what for)


Szimpla Kert - One of the coolest bars in Europe. Hidden away on a side street in District VII on the Pest side of the river, it is well worth searching out (if you, like I, enjoy a good dive bar).
For Pix check -
Old Man's Pub - Akácfa u. 13. It is an old Jazz/Blues kind of place. Underground and with a lot of dark wood. It's a Cool place, with a decent beer selection, good music and good food.

Gálya Pub - Popular among young people. It is located in the center of Budapest. The whole bar is designed to look like the interior of a sunken Ship (how cool is that - sorry, I am sucker for a bar with a naval theme)

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Many of the good bars in Seattle have been reconfigured into upscale places (think The Wagon Wheel, The Midget, The Classic, The Freamont Tavern or The Palms - sadly all gone now) but there are still a many good places to get a drink.

The Elysian Brewery (and Pub)
- 1221 East Pike, Seattle, WA 206 860 1920. Great award winning beers, good food, interesting crown, good staff. + we love the owners
Nine Pound Hammer - 6009 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA, 206.762.3373. Cool, dark bar for the Alt. Crowd. Several other good bars in this area. NPH is my favorite.
The Lava Lounge - 2226 2nd Ave Seattle. The interior is like the inside of a sailing ship - lots of good tiki bar stuff, and strong drinks.
The Alibi - on Post alley. Nice little bar with cool activities and a good beer selection (good Bloody Marys).

The Buckaroo - 4201 Fremont. After the Fremont Tavern closed this was the biker bar of choice, but it has tamed over the years. Still, it has a decent beer selection and lots of character (s) + some good bike viewing on most nights.
Brouwer's - 400 N 35th st. Owned by two beer fanatics (and nice guys) - thus an excellent beer line up. I hear the food is good there too (but who want to eat with so many beers to choose from).

Stumbling Monk - 1635 E. Olive Wy. Homey and comfortable (all be it a bit beat up) Pub. Very nice selection of beers. Great place to hangout.
The Latona - 6423 Latona Ave N.E. Nice comfortable pub wih a really good beer selection.
The Comet - 922 E. Pike. One of just a few Dive bars left on the Seattle menu. When I think of Seattle bars in the late 80's Grunge days - this is it. Stiff drinks and decent beers on tap. An all around favorite.
Hattie's Hat - 5231 Ballard Ave NW. This is a Ballard institution (and a cool place). A classic kind of diner/bar. Stiff drinks, decent food.

San Francisco

The Toronado - 547 Haight, San Francisco.
Maybe the best beer bar on Earth, definitely one of the best. Fantastic beer selection, great crowd, comfortable place, semi-friendly bar staff, great Juke box Cool owner. Food next door on either side. Keep an eye out for their special Beer events.
The Lush Lounge - 1092 Post, San Francisco.
Someone told me it was a gay bar, I don't know if that's true but everybody seemed very happy. Great drinks, good beer selection and outstanding people watching (the flow of people on the street is better than any TV show esp. at night).
Benders -South Van Ness, San Francisco.
Good all around bar/Dive. Good music, friendly bar staff, stiff drinks, good beer selection, pretty good food, great place to see a band.
The Zeitgeist - 199 Valencia St. SF. My favorite biker bar on this (or any other) planet. Really nice beer selection, best outdoor beer garden in the city, great BBQ, a good crowd (mix of pedal & motor bikers), a cool bar staff, and a mean stiff drink.

Tonga Room - 950 Mason St. S.F.
One of the best done Tiki bar anywhere (with indoor thuder storms and a floating island), well worth a visit.
Tommy's Mexican Restaurant - 5929 Geary Blvd. Nice family owned place. Good Mexican food, Fantastic Tequila Selection. The bar is small and packed (most are waiting for dinner). Julio (Tommy’s son) is the tequila Ambassador to the world, he knows everyone in the bizz (and on lucky nights you’ll find him mixing it up behind the bar).
If it is too packed to get to Tommy's bar, get a reservation and check out Trad'r Sam - 6150 Geary Blvd - across the street on the corner (fun, old school Tiki bar– not many like it left)
The Saloon - 1235 Grant. SF's oldest bar, good beers, great Blues music, small bathrooms. Just a really great old Tavern style. Opened by the great grandfather of Brock Adams - the owner of Saint Arnold Brewing Co. (Texas)
Li Po - 916 Grant Avenue. It is a bit famous now, but it is also a great dive bar in SF's Chinatown. Weird entrance into a dark realm. Local Asian men can often be found playing loud dice games at the bar. Check out the basemant if it is open (occasional live music). There is also a good dive across the street on the corner.


Smokey's: - 73 Joo Chiat Place. Really good western BBQ (real smoked ribs - a must try), three (or sometimes more) tasty Archipelago beers on draft, and a good location just off Joo Chiat. A very nice addition to an area that already have a lot of great food. They also have a new place called "The Pit" in Holland Village (across from the pet shop)
Queen and Mangosteen:
Vivocity 1 Habourfront Walk - #01-106/107, Tel : 6376 9380 Fax : 6376 9384 - very nice food, friendly service, great beers, super view (did I mention they have all the Archipelago beer on draft) -
The Divine Society - 600 North Bridge Rd , At the complete other end of the spectum from the Mitre (see below). Yeah, the service is sub-optimal but the bar itself is stunning. Three stories of pure opulence. And then there's the Wine Angles - you have to see this place to believe it. A must see !
JJ Atlante - 40 Duxton Rd. Cold Tiger beer and the best damn blues and R&B you'll hear in Singapore (House band Heritage gives it their all 6 nights a week).

Brussels Sprouts - 80 Mohamed Sultan Rd. 01-12 (65-68874344), Great bottled beer selection (mostly Belgian), draft beer selection is okay, food is well done and tastey, service is good, and the view is just nice. The Mussles + endless pom frits is the best food deal there (the mussles are really good !)
Brauhaus - 101 Thomson Road #B1-13/14, Opened in 1989 these folks have been bring interesting beers to Singapore longer than anyone else. They have the biggest selection of imported beers in town, the food is good and the locations is relaxing and comfortable. The owner & operator (Micheal Chuah) is dedicated to beer and not only has a great selection but also cooks some of the menu items with beer.
Timbre - Armenian Street (near the tunnel and opposite SMU).
Great outdoor venue with music and a good crowd (pizza looks good too). Trees grow in and around the bar adding to the already cool and comfortable atmosphere.
Archipelago Brewery - 79 Circular Rd. Hand crafted beers of distiction in a comfortable and relaxed open air bar with a lot of dark wood. Housed in a historic building in the middle of downtown Singapore. The finger food there is decent but for real makan check a few of the other places in that same little area (Thai Smile or ??)
Prince of Wales - Corner of Madras & Dunlop,
in historic Little India. One of the best pubs in Singapore. Offered as an Australian style bar, they have a good beer selection, nice out door beer garden, live music on weekends, a friendly dog and a backpacker hotel upstair. And prices are still reasonable - Check out their Sunday Session -
Hide Out - 31 B Circular Rd. Singapore. Good beers, and comfortable groovey place to mellow out with friends.

Lot, Stock & Barrel - 29 Seah St.
Singapore. Nice comfortable pub with a good beer selection and good service - and a really nice owner.
Karu's Bannan Leaf Curry -
808 Upper Bukit Timah Road. Really good Indian food, old school charm (well sort of), friendly service and clientele. Tiger Beer only. Try the fish head curry (their tag is "I am the King of Fish Head"). This place will make you forget about the other places.
Red Dot Brewhouse - Block 24, Demsey Road. The newest Brewpub in town. They have good food, a really nice atmosphere, great outdoor area and most importantly - really good Beers. Try the Green Monster beer (if they have it on) or my personal favorite the Lime Wheat (really nicely done) + family owned and operated (by a super nice famly)
ColBar - 9A Whitchurch Rd. A great little slice of old Singapore. Good beer selection, cool outdor seating, tasty affordable food. Visit while it is still around.
Iguana Cafe - 30 Merchant Rd. Good Mexican food (the best you'll find in Singapore), an outstanding tequila selection (chosen with the help of tequila guru Julio Bermejo), nice outdoor dining, good beers from Brewerkz (just up the river) which is Singapore's oldest microbrewery and creators of many fine hand crafted beers (with an excellent happy hour). and
True Blue - 117 East Coast Road. Excellent Peranakan food in a very nice setting - The Ayam Buah Keluak is a must try. Their food is Halal (thus sparking some debate about authenticity as many Peranakan dishes use pork not chicken - but never mind). Prices are mid range and the atmosphere is upscale but not overly so. The place is small so you might want to calll ahead.
Blu Jazz - 11 Bali lane. Funky little place in an old shophouse
in Kampong Glam near Arab st. They have decent food, an okay beer selection and good music sometimes. This is a great neighborhood to explore and Blu Jazz is a great little place for a change of pace or to sit and relax. (also Can check out the upstairs for some chill out with aircon)
Wagon Wheel - 22 Greenwood Ave. Great litle neighborhood Tavern/pub in a great neiborhood. Nice people, and Excellent Ox Tail Stew, they have Tiger Beer only (but they sell a lot so it's fresh and cold).

L'estaminet - 4 Greenwood ave. Funky Belgian bar/cafe in the same great little neiborhood (Greenwood). They have a good beer selection (both Belgian and non) and good food. (check out all the surrounding places)
Oosters - 25 Church st. Upscale Belgian Brasserie. Good selection of Belgian beers in a nice bar, with fairly good service - and right down town.
The Pump Room - Clarke Quay. Upscale brew pub with dinning and dancing to live music. Good selection of their own beers (Scotch Ale is a favorite) and a nice selection of other local and imported brews. Mostly Australian food selection with fairly good service. -
The Highlander - right next door to the Pump Room (Clarke Quay). A very nice (and rustic feel) Malt Whisky bar. They have several good beers on tap, the Atmosphere is chill and service is better than most.
The French Stall - 544 Serangoon Road. Really good food, resonable prices, Brewerkz beers, nice wine selection, nice casual open air dining. (not open Mondays).

Charlie's Corner -
Blk 2 Changi Village #01-08. A nice outdoor location in the breeze, Charlie's is a great little open air pub in the east corner of the island. Excellent beer selection, good western food and friendly staff. Family owned (Charlie or his wife or daughter Joyce are almost always there). Closes around 10:30 - just in time to see the ladyboys taking over the car park.
Season Live Seafood - 59-E, Pulau Ubin. What could be nicer than to wile away the time sitting by the sea, listening to the waves, watching the boats slide by, drinking cold Tiger beer and sampling tasty local food. This is out door dining at its best. A great place to relax. Plus sometimes they have local island wild boar on the menu.
The Bum boat ride over is just $2.00.
For more details check -

The Mitre Hotel - 145 Killiney Rd. Possibly the worst dive you'll ever be in (or the best). Not for the squeemish, but what a great load of character. No telling what's behind the bar (or Who), you'll drink whatever they have - and like it. Special treat rent a room & spend the night (if you dare - no you better not - no really don't). The Hotel is haunted and some people have seen ghosts there) Update - Sadly it is too late, Mati Liao - the property has been sold (for over $160 million) and the bar closed.

Side trip to Batam, Indonesia (only a 1 hour boat ride away) - I don't think they have street addresses in Batam and if they do no one knows them, so just ask for directions - people there are very nice.
Lucy's Oar House - In Nagoya. One of my favorite bars in Southeast Asia. A great semi-maritime themed bar, very laid back, super nice staff, decent cold beer selection, good music (not too loud), very nice food and a passable pool table + has outdoor seating as well. And if it is too slow ofr you, then you can always check out upstairs. Check
Wallaby's - (near Lucy's). Nice bar, decent pool table, great pizza (reckoned by my friend Bill to be the best in S.E. Asia)
A1 Pugasera- Food court heaven, Indonesian style. Out door dining, with friendly people, excellent food and great prices - and sometimes the Length Brewery beer is avaialble and tasting good. Try Seafood Hai San for great fish and serves.
Harmoni Hotel Wine Bar - Nice semi-up scale Bar in a nice hotel (but better you stay at the Goodway across the street). Chill out while the nice staff serves you a drink or sits and chats. Live jazz type music on weekends.

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The posts are by city, and they are all ongoing works in progress
. The list is in no particular order. I update it and expand on it whenever I have time. For a place to make it on the list it has to have character and I have to have been there - and liked it. Those are the only criteria. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. I'll probably ignore them, but your welcome to leave them just the same.

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