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Monday, November 20, 2006

Portland Oregon

The Acropolis - 8325 SE McLoughlin Portland OR. They have 50 Beers on tap, good cheap eats (a really good steak), a salad bar, and three stages of full frontal nudity, and no cover before 5:00. Now that's entertainment.
Bar of the Gods - 4801 SE Hawthorne. Crazed hipster bar, great beers on draft (watch them set the bar top ablaze - literally)
Matador - 1967 W Burnside. Good all around dive bar. There are several other interesting bar in the area (check um out)
Produce Row - 204 SE Oak St. One of Portland's original beer bars, Good selection of draft, great sandwiches, nice outdoor seating. An all around comfortable place.
Beulahland - 118NE 28th. Great comfortable funky bar. Good beer selection, decent food + we like the owners.
Horse Brass - 4534 SE Belmont. Excellent English pub with a great beer selection. Scotch egg me baby. The owner Don is a Northwest bar ledgend (see man on R. in Pic above).
Hung Far Low - (up stairs). Chinese dive bar extraordinaire, stiff drinks and decent food. Open late night. Moved recently from historic Old Town to trashy 82nd Ave.
The Alibi Restaurant & Bar - 4024 Interstate Ave. - Tiki bar madness, great drinks
The Rialto - 529 SW 4th Ave. Good pool room/bar (with off track betting). Beer selection is pretty good (as almost anywhere in Portland), pool tables are well maintained, food is decent, stiff drinks and a cast of characters resides inside. I've been thrown out of there a couple of times (can't really remember what for)


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