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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yeah, I know it is almost pointless to have an Austin section since there are sooo many good places in this town that you almost can't miss - but here are a few of the really special ones.

The Continental Club - 1315 S. Congress Ave. Cool Road house style bar, okay beer selection, great music, fun times. If the MutherTruckers are playing you gotta check it out.
Egos - Hard to find dive hidden away in the basement parking garage of a office building. But worth the search. Good live music (up close), good beers, pool table in back, Jello shot's just $1.00
Emos - 603 Red River - Three bars, two stages, lot of outdoor seating, an okay beer selection, & a most excellent crowd (there is a little of everything)
Red Eye Fly - 715 Red River Rd. - great music venue and some good beer too.

Jenny Longhorn - Road side Dive. A bit out of town, but you meet the nicest people there (at least we did), and how often do YOU get to give advice to the bar tender ?
Iron Works - Hmmm BBQ. Great little place with outdoor seating next to a quite little river. The food is good, the beer selection okay.

Mandatory side trip to Lockhart, Texas (home of most Excellent BBQ)
Smitty's - Whoa !! Extra juicy and bacon like (hmmmmm bacon). Lord, that's mighty mighty fine - check out the cooking pits.
Kreuz - Just smoked meat (and Shiner Bock, a surprisingly good combination) - Their motto "no sauce, nuthin to hide" (pictured above).


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